Christian Education Classes – 11:00 a.m.


Our Sunday Christian Ed Classes are designed to meet the needs, answer the questions, and build the faith of ALL Christian disciples, with something for every age and every stage. 

  • Nursery:  (3 months – 3 years) – Not currently in session
  • FaithWeaver Class:  ( 2nd Grade – 5th Grade class) – Not currently in session
  • Youth Class: (Combined Middle School and High School class) – Topical discussions, games, and Bible study, taught by Elder Clyde Clark. – Not currently in session
  • Adult Classes:
    • Currently studying Psalms 119, facilitated by Elder Jeff Lyons
    • New Believers “Journey” Class: Using Ralph Wilson’s video series “Jesus Walk – Beginning the Journey” (next class rotation not yet started)


These classes offer a more interactive environment than a formal worship service allows, including a variety of methods such as:

  • whole group discussions around Bible passages
  • small group research, presentations and mediated debates
  • dramatic presentations, skits and “gameshows”
  • art and craft projects
  • working through guided study workbooks and/or videos


And to make sure we come back together, we have regularly scheduled “Family Fellowship” Sundays each quarter where all ages, all classes, jointly…

  • … eat a “potluck” meal together, or
  • … learn about prayer and pray with/for each other, or
  • … watch a video or skit performance, or
  • … complete a project or play a game together
  • … take a “field trip” together, such as a visit to a local nursing home
  • … participate in “The Missionary Gary Show” (featuring prizes, interviews with real, live missionaries, and more!)


You won’t want to miss these opportunities to deepen your faith and build relationships!